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Mist Cooling & Outdoor Living

July 7th, 2009 2 comments


As the summer season approaches, we’re all thinking of the long, hot sunny days that are headed are way. Everybody is cleaning their patio & the outdoor furniture, rinsing off the drink(beer) cooler and breaking out the sun block. Kids are out of school and the adults are looking forward to some well deserved vacation time. As the summer cleaning work continues and thoughts of vacation abound, you can’t help but to think about your own outdoor areas. You start asking yourself, How about the heat? Are we going to be outside as much as we would like to be? Or are we going to hide inside and lower the thermostat????

The heat, how do we beat the heat??? That the $64,000 question. If there was a way to beat the heat, we certainly would spend more time outdoors, more time with our families, entertaining our friends and not have the entire get together end up in the house seeking comfort. But, how do you beat the heat????

Mist cooling offers an economical and enviromentally friendly answers to the “How to Beat the Heat” questions. With a properly designed & installed misting cooling system, you can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees without getting wet, even in humid climates. Imagine, a party or family gathering AT your home, not IN your home.

  Imagine your outdoor area so comfortable and inviting that your guests won’t want to go home. You can even bring your pets outdoors and have the confidence that they can be as cool & comfortable as you and be a part of the fun as well. Another known benefit is the significant decrease in flying insects once mist is introduced to the area. How can you top that…. Cool, comfortable and fewer bugs.

Mist Specialties is proud to be an Authorized Cloudburst Mist Cooling Dealer ; offering the best misting products available on the market today. Located in Palm Beach Gardens; serving Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas, Mist Specialties has the expertise your looking for when it comes to important decision making regarding your outdoor areas. Mist Specialties has a custom misting solution for you.

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Common Questions About Mist Cooling

June 26th, 2009 No comments

June 26 2009

The most common question asked about mist cooling is: How much water and electricity is used? Being that the pumps are designed to run off of a standard outlet, just like plugging in a lamp, your pump will use about 4- 10 cents an hour. As for the water use, the average 12 nozzle system will use around 10 gallons of water an hour. Compared to the average shower that takes 10 minutes an consumes 35-40 gallons of water, it’s easy to see how efficiant a mist cooling system is.

The second most common question is: Won’t a misting system get everything wet? Being that we are in Florida and the humidity is high, this could be a concern. With a well designed and installed system, and a little education, this won’t be an issue for long. What you need to know is anything placed within 6 feet of a nozzle will collect moisture. The idea here is to let the mist evaporate.  Water is feed through a high pressure pump, forced through a tiny oriface in the misting nozzle creating microscopic droplets of water or the mist. The mist then absorbs the energy in the air, which is the heat, causing the mist to evaporate and cool the air at the same time. An ideal situation is to have your mist lines and/or mist fans placed 8-10 feet up, use the natural winds, and let the mist fall. Remember, heat rises, so by the time the mist reaches you, all you feel is the desired cooler air.

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How Evaporative Cooling Works

June 8th, 2009 7 comments

When we throw mist into the air, what we’re really doing is throwing millions and millions of tiny little droplets of water. Each one of these tiny little droplets, depending on the size of it, has a ratio of the surface area to the actual amount of water in the air. At high pressure, every gallon of water that we throw into the air has a surface area about the size of a soccer field – quite a bit bigger than a football field actually.

So, if you can imagine spreading a gallon of water over a soccer field, before you got 20 feet, it would be evaporating behind you. And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to create a term we’ve coined called “Flash Evaporation”. That’s where you have so much surface area in the water out there that it absorbs the energy in the atmosphere (heat) so quickly, that it changes from a liquid to a gas.

This is how cooling happens when using high pressure outdoor misting. While the Palm Beach County, Florida (FL) environment introduces a great deal of humidity, it is still possible to cool your outdoor areas with mist cooling during the hottest part of the day. You will be amazed by how much you can cool your backyard using high pressure mist cooling. Other added benefits are a reduction in flying insects as well as very low maintenance & low energy and water consumption.

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The Best Time Is Now To Install Mist Cooling!

June 8th, 2009 1 comment

Now is the time to consider having a High Pressure Patio Mist Cooling System professionally installed.  Summer is almost here! Even though it is still relatively cool in most areas of the country, it is still the best time to get ready for another HOT summer.

Adding a High Pressure Misting System in your patio or backyard can reduce the surrounding areas temperature as much as 30 degrees. This will allow you to enjoy backyard activities all summer long. Done right Mist Cooling & Fogging can give you years of relief without getting things wet or damp at all. This is accomplished by a professional installer that knows exactly what pressure, nozzles & installation layout to use for any given climate conditions & backyard layout. Sometimes they will use mist lines, misting fans or a combination to achieve the optimal results. The reason to do it now is that you can probably get it done for the best price & without having to wait for weeks during the heat of the summer rush.

A good reason to use our Cloudburst Authorized Dealers is that they are the best trained & equipped Mist Cooling Dealers in the Country & have the knowledge & experience to do the job right.

Mist Specialties is proud to be an Authorized Cloudburst Dealer.