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Winterizing Your Misting System

October 23rd, 2012 No comments

Winterizing your Misting System is a very easy and quick process, but you would be surprised how many Misting Pumps and Mist Systems we sell to replace ones that froze, even in South Florida.  Even a one night freeze can damage your Misting Pump, bend or bust a Misting Line (even stainless steel mist line) or blow out all your Mist Fittings so that they are useless. This can be a costly problem that can be easily prevented if you take the following steps:

  • Disconnect and drain your Mist FilterThese crack very easy if frozen.
  • Drain all water out of your Misting Pump (bring both the misting pump and mist filter inside if you are in an area that freezes a lot).
  • Disconnect your Mist Line from your pump and from the Misting Fan Rings on any Misting Fans (if used). 
  • Remove all Mist Nozzles and store inside.
  • If you have access to an air compressor, blow out the Mist Line.  If not,  then make sure to winterize well before your first freeze so any water left in the mist line can have time to evaporate.

If you take the time to do the above, you will eliminate the need for costly repairs next spring & your Mist System will be ready to go to keep you cool for another long, hot summer.

We hope you all have a safe, fun & happy winter season & a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  and as always…. STAY COOL!

From your friends at Mist Specialties

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May 19th, 2011 2 comments

IMG_2146  As the summer season approaches we’ll all be gearing up to do all those things we love to do that the long winter months do not allow. Filling the cooler with ice and your favorite beverage to head out to the lake, beach or your favorite park is usually high on the list as well as getting the grill going and cooking up whatever it is that your taste-buds are craving. There is just something special about the summertime.

 If your among the lucky that happens to own a mist cooling system, now is the time to do a little bit of preventative maintenance which will ensure that you have a well functioning system without any issues for the upcoming summer season. The first thing to do is remove all of your nozzles& run the system to flush out any stagnant water and water deposits that may have built-up while the system sat unused.  After flushing the system start replacing the nozzles to check for clogs. Obviously your nozzles are also a vital part of your system. If you encounter any clogged nozzles, you can try to place them in a small container and let them soak in a CLR/water solution. Even lightly shaking the nozzles around doesn’t hurt either. I usually use a 2:1 ratio of CLR & water(2 parts CLR to 1 part water) and have had good results with this. There are instances that this doesn’t work, so that nozzle will need to be replaced. Never try to stick anything through the nozzle oriface as you will damage the nozzle and render it useless.

 Depending on how much you ran your system the previous summer, you may want to consider replacing your filter, which is an often over looked but important part of your misting system. Keeping your water supply clean is vital to keeping your nozzles from those annoying clogs. If you have a 1000 hours of run time on your mist system, it is time to replace your filter. Depending on the type of pump you have you may want to change the oil which is usually a 6W oil and can be found at most hardware store. Please refer to your owners manual on this topic as it is an important issue to ensure that your pump operates properly and that you get the most out of it for years to come.

 We all know that a little preventative maintenance will go along way. So please don’t hesitate to take a little time to perform these easy steps to ensure that your misting system will perform for you as expected for the entire summer season. If you are in need of any of these items, please visit our website store at or contact us with any questions about your system that you may have by calling us toll free at 1.877.474.5570 or email us at

 Have safe and happy summer and as always… STAY COOL!!

From your Friends at Mist Specialties.


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Mist, Marigolds & Herbs

June 25th, 2010 11 comments


What do Marigolds & Herbs have to do with mist cooling? Nothing, absolutely nothing! But what mist cooling, marigolds & herbs have in common is all about outdoor living. Now you might be asking yourself, has this girl has lost her mind? Well maybe, but, after a little research and experimenting, I’ve found a great little secret that I wanted to share with my faithful readers. This blog is always about mist cooling, but in subtle ways, I’ve always tried to tie it together with outdoor living as that is what got me into the misting business to begin with.

 As you all know from past articles the know benefits of reducing flying bugs by turning on your misting system. As a quick reminder the annoying little pests don’t like to get they’re precious little wings wet so they avoid the area all together. But what about those times when it’s early in the morning or late in the evening when you don’t have your mist system running? How do you keep the bugs away? Well, this is where the marigolds & herbs come in.

 After a bit of researching the net, I’ve found that most flying bugs, mosquitoes, gnats, noseeums & the kind do not like the scent that marigolds put out. After reading this, I headed to my local nursery and purchased 8 marigold plants, putting 2 in each container I have on my patio. I have used this marigold method for 6 months now & I can say without a doubt that there is a definite decline with all those little pests I mentioned earlier. This is not a fool proof method, but, I will say that it is 96-98% effective! That’s saying a lot for some pretty little plants. The only problem is it doesn’t deter black flies, hence the herbs.

 After more searching the net, I tried a few different things from the fly bags that you hang from a fence post that you add water to that activates the chemical that smells to the high heavens to the fly strips which are just plain ugly and gross to the water in a zip lock baggie trick. Now I can say that the water in baggie idea does work to an extent, but, it seemed as I had to hang a bunch of baggies which was taking away from the look of my patio area. After more searching the net, I found that certain herbs work very well against black flies & there related family members.

 To be specific, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Mint & Thai Lemongrass have seemed to have done the trick. As you can see in the picture at the top of this article, I placed all the herbs in 1 pot and keep them close to the marigold pot(I need to paint my pots now that I know this works!) which is keeping 96-98% of all annoying pests off of my patio letting me & my family enjoy our outdoor area at anytime of the day.

 The added benefits of this method are plenty. First, I now have attractive plants placed around my patio bringing in great color and a nice natural feel to the area. Second, I now have herbs fresh & ready at hand. My husband particularly likes the mint when it’s Mojito time! The Lemongrass is great when we’re doing an Asian dish & I don’t even need to explain about having fresh Rosemary on hand. Third, I’m keeping the bugs away without putting any kind of harmful chemicals in the area and fourth, and finally, what this whole thing is about, keeping the bugs away!

 So for a few bucks you too can liven up you outdoor space by adding some inexpensive plants & keep the bugs away. I hope that everyone finds this article to be helpful. I can tell you that living in South Florida where the bugs are plentiful, this really does work. Until the next time and as always….



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June 15th, 2010 No comments

 We are pleased to announce that the Open Frame Mist Pumps we offer are now available with a few new updated features. The pumps have remained the same as far as quality is concerned, there hasn’t been any changes in how they are built in other words. What has changed with them is that they now come with a Remote Control & an Interval Timer. The manufacturer, which is based in Italy, has decided to add the options as a standard to the complete line because of the growing demand for these options.

 Obviously having a remote control seems to be the standard in all of todays products, but, the addition of the interval timer really is a nice feature. For those that are using mist in a greenhouse, for example, this is a great option. Even in some of the more humid climates like ours here in South Florida, an interval timer can be a great addition to your system. For example, a timer would be used in the evenings when cooling isn’t really an issue, but, flying bugs are. Having the system set to release a fog once every 10 minutes for a 2 minute run time will reduce the amount of flying bugs & insects dramaticly. Just ask anyone you know with a mist system and they will tell you that this is is the #1 benefit besides the instant cooling a mist system offers. 

 Available in .5 GPM, 1GPM & 2GPM, the High Pressure Open Frame Mist Pumps are an outstanding value escpecially when your design includes an area where you can place your pump out of the elements, for example, like in your garage or in an utility shed that is close to the area being cooled. Please feel free to visit our website, to learn more about how mist cooling works & the many benefits a mist system has to offer. Or call us Toll Free at 1.877.474.5570 with any questions you may have, we would love to hear from you. Until then, as always, STAY COOL!!!

STAY COOL from your friends at MIST SPECIALTIES.

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Mist Specialties Has A New Leader!!

April 12th, 2010 9 comments

  Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Mist Specialties Inc. began operations in April of 2008. While we have enjoyed a moderate growth in our short time, we like any company, want to do better. That is why we are so excited to announce that we have a new leader at the helm of the ship.

  We are so pleased to say that Jennifer Daley has assumed responsibility as Owner & President of Mist Specialties Inc. Jennifer brings 22 years of experience to the table starting with a retail management background, bookkeepping, office management, marketing & of course, customer relations. Needless to say, with a background like this, Jennifer is as cool as they come. The opportunities of being a women owned business are very exciting as well & will hopefully open up opportunities that might not have presented themselves under our previous ownership.  

  Please join us as we welcome Jennifer aboard & keep an eye & ear out for Mist Specialties as we continue to grow in Palm Beach County & the surrounding areas under our new leadership. As always, STAY COOL!!

Thank you to all of our faithful customers for your continued support.


Mist Specialties Inc.



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The Holidays Are Here….Already??

November 5th, 2009 1 comment

 Yes it’s that time of year again, time to start planning what you’re going to have to do to survive another holiday season!!

 My wife & I were watching game 4 of the World Series and a commercial from one of the bigger retailers came on urging us to take advantage of the early season’s savings they were offering. It was November 1st…. the day after Halloween…. we haven’t even thought about the Thanksgiving turkey yet!! We sat there staring at our T.V. amazed that commercials were already starting to run. I don’t know why we were so surprized by this, it seems as if the holidays start earlier every year.

 So naturally the conversation ensued between us; are we cooking the Thanksgiving bird or are we going to have to travel for dinner? What are we going to get the nieces & nephew this year? Where are we going to have to go to celebrate Christmas this year? What are we going to get for ourselves? So many questions…so few answers.

 After I realized that we weren’t going to come up with any answers that night to our personal quandaries, I started thinking about the commercials again. I figured that it’s been a tough economy for that last 3 or 4 years, especially in the retail sector, so why not start running the commercials & advertisements now, what could it hurt. Of course I then began thinking about ourselves & Mist Specialties. Being this is the first holiday season for us as a business, what were we going to do as far as any kind of marketing?

 It then dawned upon me that nobody is going to be even remotely interested in any kind of mist cooling because the better part of the country is shoveling snow!! Just because we happen to be in Florida and can wear shorts on Christmas day doesn’t mean everybody else can. So as these thoughts kept tumbling threw my head, again, it dawned upon me that a mist cooling system is the gift that you give to the person that has everything!!

 That’s right, I said it, a mist cooling system!! (It’s not so crazy) It’s the perfect gift for the person that does have everything. We all know somebody like that & more than likely have that person as a family member. It’s so frustrating trying to buy for that person. They always have the great car, the great house, the great clothes….you get the picture. But you can never buy them the right gift mostly because they are particular in what they like. It doesn’t make them a bad person, it just makes them hard to buy for. And we’ve all seen the LOOK when they open your gift, they try to act surprized & grateful & thankful, but, you know as well as they do that they’ll return the gift as soon as they can to get something that they really like.

 I’ll bet that everybody that reads this can think of somebody that would love & really use a mist cooling system. Does your certain someone love to entertain? Especially outdoors? Maybe they have a great outdoor patio area that they would like to spend more time in? Do they have a built-in grill area? How about a new pool area? Or does your special person have a boat? Does your special person own an R.V.? Do they like to work in their garage building cars or motorcycles or even woodworking? A mist cooling system can benefit any of those areas. What about your pets? They would love an area to escape to during the hot summer months & still be with their family while outdoors.

 A custom designed system can be easily put together for any of the ideas mentioned and many times a pre-designed system works perfectly. And there is no need to worry because the systems are easily installed by just about anybody, and maintenance is minimal to enjoy years & years of  mist cooling. If you live in the Palm Beach County area, we can have one of our technicians do the installation for you & we offer monthly maintenance programs to keep your system running at it’s best. Do you have an idea but you’re just not sure if it’ll work?

 Visit our website at to see the wide variety of pumps, fans, nozzles & accessories available to make that perfect gift for the person that has everything!! Or give us a call toll free at 1.877.474.5570 or email us at  



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Misting for Halloween

October 19th, 2009 2 comments

The big day is only a couple of weeks away and homes everywhere are beginning to put up there halloween decorations and stocking up on candy. Just like Christmas, some homes go all out and others…well, you know. Those are the ones that have egg on their houses or toilet paper strung through their trees the morning after the trick or treating is done.

Some homes go so far as to turn their homes into haunted houses for the night and there are some pretty clever inventions that people come up with to create a scary atmosphere. Basic cardboard boxes are cut and painted to look like gravestones and old sheets are used to make ghost like forms that are hung from trees or eaves of the house. Some people go way out and spend some big dollars on special effects like cobweb making machines, strobe lights and fogging machines. This is where a little mist can go a long way.

To create a truly spooky atmosphere, a fog that creeps along the ground always adds a great touch to any haunted house. Some of the fogging machines on the market are priced very reasonably, but, it’s the liquid that you have to keep buying that becomes expensive especially when you start to add in shipping costs. When you consider a low pressure misting system to create the same effect, the choice becomes simple.

With a Mist-n-Cool low pressure misting system from Mist Specialties, with an average cost of around $50.00 with shipping, you’ll see that you can get more bang for your buck. You don’t have to worry about buying juice for a low pressure misting system because it hooks right up to your garden hose! And when halloween is over, you can store it for the winter, and when the warmer weather comes along, you can bring the mist system back out and use it on those long hot summer days to cool yourself off. Compared to the fogging machine that you use once a year, the mist system can be used through the summertime as well.

If you have an exsisting misting system, it’s easy to add a line & a few nozzles to create the desired fog to turn your home into a haunted house. To veiw the range of products available to create the spooky fog, visit our website,, to see all the different options available from low pressure systems to the ultimate high pressure systems.

Have a safe and happy halloween.

From your friends at Mist Specialties.

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Mist Cooling & Football

September 19th, 2009 16 comments

Fall is fast approaching which means for some of us cooler weather is right around the corner or already here and for others it means that we still have 1 to 2 months of warm to HOT weather, but for all of us it means – IT IS FOOTBALL SEASON!   And Football season means: NFL, College & High School practice & games, plus TAILGATING.

Why do we bring this up now?  Because many of you football fans, players & coaches will be looking for a way to stay cool during the hot part of your season and Mist Specialties has a variety of ways to accomplish this.  One of the most effective ways is with the use of a Portable or Sideline Misting Fan System.  These work by combining a High Pressure or Mid Pressure pump & water tank with a misting fan that can be plugged in almost anywhere including a 12 volt inverter or generator, allowing you to use them in very remote locations.  There are also specific Sideline Misting Kits that can run several fans at a time.

Why a Misting Fan?  Because they are “hands down” the most effective way to cool an outdoor area.  In fact, when you combine mist with the high velocity air movement of a fan you can expect up to a 30 degree decrease in temperature.  This will not only keep you more comfortable but it can also keep you from having a very bad day because of heat exhaustion.

So whether you want to stay cool while enjoying your favorite drink & food in the parking lot before the “Big Game” or want to keep your players cool & healthy during practice or a game, there are effective mist cooling systems available to help you.

Please take a moment to look through our website for a complete line of Misting Fans & Mist Systems that can help you stay cool and avoid the heat stress that affects several hundred fans & players each year.   For specific discounts and more information on Mist Systems related to this article, please check out: Sideline Misting Fans, Portable Fans, Portable Fans w/tanks & Misting Fan Kits

Good luck to your favorite teams & Enjoy a fun and safe season!

Your Friends at Mist Specialties Inc

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Mist Cooling Goes “GREEN”

September 4th, 2009 5 comments

The Cool-N-Save® Commercial AC pre-cooler is an amazing new system that has taken the known benefit of evaporative AC pre-cooling (more efficient cooling) and combined it with “state of the art” technology to create the first economical & effective AC Pre-Cooling system that DOES NOT SCALE or interfere with airflow.

It uses a low flow / high pressure mist that is activated only when the AC unit turns on. When the ultra-fine mist is released into the air, it evaporates almost instantly. This flash evaporation literally sucks heat out of the air, as the water absorbs the energy it needs to evaporate.

The result of this immediate evaporation is a drop in ambient temperature of as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit surrounding the condenser. This allows the coils to transfer heat much more effectively which in return lowers the amperage draw, output temperature, cycle time & head pressure, all adding up to a 30% or more reduction in energy use. Plus, because it allows the unit to run more efficiently it can greatly extend the life of the condenser too.

The Cool-N-Save® Commercial system consists of 3 main components:
Pump & Control System:
At the heart of our system is our patent pending switching system and proprietary “Smart Pump” that deliver the right amount of water and pressure to each condenser as needed. This keeps the water use down while maximizing the pre-cooling effect for each unit. The “Smart Pump” may be installed near the condensers or several 100 feet away with a lift capability of over 30 feet

Misting Arms & Nozzles:
Our exclusive misting arms are designed to easily attach to the outside of most AC units & may be adjusted for maximum effectiveness. Each nozzle is positioned & calibrated to produce the best mist pattern for optimal performance at the lowest flow possible.
Each system uses as little as 4.5 GPH (only while condenser is in use). In many cases this is less water then the water used to create the extra electricity wasted without the system

Water Treatment Filter:
To combat the possibility of scaling, our design team enlisted the help of some of the nation’s foremost experts in water treatment technology to develop a proprietary water treatment filter using a proven scale elimination additive. This bio-friendly additive polyacrylate) combines with the scale forming molecules of the calcium & other minerals in hard water and distorts their geometry, keeping them from attaching to one another thus preventing the formation of scale.

 Call Mist Specialties toll free at 1.877.474.5570 to set-up a consultation on how you can be more energy efficent and start saving money today!

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Take The Time To Design!

July 28th, 2009 4 comments

   When considering the purchase of a mist cooling system, it is important to make sure that “You Take the Time to Design”. By taking an extra day or two to understand what way is best to cool your outdoor area will be well worth the wait. To put it plainly, these systems are expensive, so you may as well get the most out of it.

  When designing you’ll want to consider these points as each is important to achieving the best results from your mist cooling system, which in turn will leave you far more satisfied than if you just “put it up” and hope for the best.

  1. Where do the prevailing winds come from? i.e. North, South, East or West. The prevailing winds will help to move the mist around the area being cooled thus making the system more effective. If there is a wall blocking the prevailing winds, you may want to think about adding a fan.
  2. Where are your water & electrical supply? The Mist Pumps obviously need water & electricity to operate. The pumps themselves do make noise, so you’ll want to locate the pump in an area where the noise will not be annoying.
  3. At what height will the Mist Nozzles/Fan(s) be mounted? This is important because the idea is to have the evaporated mist fall to cool the area. Remember, this works on the principals of Flash Evaporation, the mist evaporates turning water into a gas(water vapor). The gas is the cooled air. Also remember, heat rises, cold falls. The objective is to be cooled without getting wet. If you’re in a humid climate like in South Florida and your mounting height is 8′, you may want to consider spacing your nozzles at 3′ apart instead of the typical 2′ spacing. If your mounting height is 12′ then 2′ spacing will work just fine, the reason being that the mist has more opportunity to evaporate. 
  4. What is the cooled area mainly used for? If it is a cooking/dining area you will not want to be getting wet, but, if it is around a pool area a little bit of moisture probably won’t be an issue and a Mid-Pressure Pumpwould work just fine and also be more affordable. Another thing to think about if you’re cooling a cooking/dining area is flying bugs. A known benefit of mist is bugs don’t like it! They won’t fly through it because they’ll get their wings wet, which in turn disables them. A design element I like to use is to run 2 mist lines with shut-off valves. Run each line with the nozzles at 4′ spacing. Stagger the 2 lines so that you end up with nozzles at 2′ spacing. At the hottest part of the day you run all your nozzles, but, when the sun goes down, you shut-off 1 line leaving the other open. Now this won’t offer a lot of cooling, but, it will put enough mist in the area that it will keep most flying bugs away while your cooking, eating & entertaining which makes for a much more pleasent evening. You now have turned your Mising Cooling System into an Evening Bug System without using any chemicals!
  5. What is the typical Temperature & Humidity?  This is really a humidity question and goes to the desired spacing of the nozzles as discussed in the height question. The objective, just like in the height question, is to be cooled without getting wet. In high humidity areas like South Florida, a typical lay-out will run the nozzles at 3′ spacing as opposed to high heat, low humidity climates like Arizona where a typical lay-out is 2′ spacing. Remember that humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When introducing mist, obviously, you are putting water in the air. The surrounding air can only handle so much water thus resulting in a wet area.
  6. What Material Will the Mist be Attached To? Knowing what you’ll be mounting your Mist Cooling System to will give you the chance to buy whatever anchors or screws as well as drill bits, if needed, to install. Having the right materials as well as the right tools makes all the difference when it comes time to install. As the old saying goes, your only as good as your tools.

  When you “Take the Time To Design” you will be getting the most from your Mist Cooling System. To help aid you in your design, Mist Specialties has put together a Design Worksheet as well as a Lay-Out Grid which are both available on our website in the D-I-Y Section or in the Contractors Corner. As always, we offer Free Design and are available to answer any questions you may have. Call us Toll Free at 1.877.474.5570 & Stay Cool!!

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