We are pleased to announce that the Open Frame Mist Pumps we offer are now available with a few new updated features. The pumps have remained the same as far as quality is concerned, there hasn’t been any changes in how they are built in other words. What has changed with them is that they now come with a Remote Control & an Interval Timer. The manufacturer, which is based in Italy, has decided to add the options as a standard to the complete line because of the growing demand for these options.

 Obviously having a remote control seems to be the standard in all of todays products, but, the addition of the interval timer really is a nice feature. For those that are using mist in a greenhouse, for example, this is a great option. Even in some of the more humid climates like ours here in South Florida, an interval timer can be a great addition to your system. For example, a timer would be used in the evenings when cooling isn’t really an issue, but, flying bugs are. Having the system set to release a fog once every 10 minutes for a 2 minute run time will reduce the amount of flying bugs & insects dramaticly. Just ask anyone you know with a mist system and they will tell you that this is is the #1 benefit besides the instant cooling a mist system offers. 

 Available in .5 GPM, 1GPM & 2GPM, the High Pressure Open Frame Mist Pumps are an outstanding value escpecially when your design includes an area where you can place your pump out of the elements, for example, like in your garage or in an utility shed that is close to the area being cooled. Please feel free to visit our website, www.mistspecialties.com to learn more about how mist cooling works & the many benefits a mist system has to offer. Or call us Toll Free at 1.877.474.5570 with any questions you may have, we would love to hear from you. Until then, as always, STAY COOL!!!

STAY COOL from your friends at MIST SPECIALTIES.

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