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The Holidays Are Here….Already??

November 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Yes it’s that time of year again, time to start planning what you’re going to have to do to survive another holiday season!!

 My wife & I were watching game 4 of the World Series and a commercial from one of the bigger retailers came on urging us to take advantage of the early season’s savings they were offering. It was November 1st…. the day after Halloween…. we haven’t even thought about the Thanksgiving turkey yet!! We sat there staring at our T.V. amazed that commercials were already starting to run. I don’t know why we were so surprized by this, it seems as if the holidays start earlier every year.

 So naturally the conversation ensued between us; are we cooking the Thanksgiving bird or are we going to have to travel for dinner? What are we going to get the nieces & nephew this year? Where are we going to have to go to celebrate Christmas this year? What are we going to get for ourselves? So many questions…so few answers.

 After I realized that we weren’t going to come up with any answers that night to our personal quandaries, I started thinking about the commercials again. I figured that it’s been a tough economy for that last 3 or 4 years, especially in the retail sector, so why not start running the commercials & advertisements now, what could it hurt. Of course I then began thinking about ourselves & Mist Specialties. Being this is the first holiday season for us as a business, what were we going to do as far as any kind of marketing?

 It then dawned upon me that nobody is going to be even remotely interested in any kind of mist cooling because the better part of the country is shoveling snow!! Just because we happen to be in Florida and can wear shorts on Christmas day doesn’t mean everybody else can. So as these thoughts kept tumbling threw my head, again, it dawned upon me that a mist cooling system is the gift that you give to the person that has everything!!

 That’s right, I said it, a mist cooling system!! (It’s not so crazy) It’s the perfect gift for the person that does have everything. We all know somebody like that & more than likely have that person as a family member. It’s so frustrating trying to buy for that person. They always have the great car, the great house, the great clothes….you get the picture. But you can never buy them the right gift mostly because they are particular in what they like. It doesn’t make them a bad person, it just makes them hard to buy for. And we’ve all seen the LOOK when they open your gift, they try to act surprized & grateful & thankful, but, you know as well as they do that they’ll return the gift as soon as they can to get something that they really like.

 I’ll bet that everybody that reads this can think of somebody that would love & really use a mist cooling system. Does your certain someone love to entertain? Especially outdoors? Maybe they have a great outdoor patio area that they would like to spend more time in? Do they have a built-in grill area? How about a new pool area? Or does your special person have a boat? Does your special person own an R.V.? Do they like to work in their garage building cars or motorcycles or even woodworking? A mist cooling system can benefit any of those areas. What about your pets? They would love an area to escape to during the hot summer months & still be with their family while outdoors.

 A custom designed system can be easily put together for any of the ideas mentioned and many times a pre-designed system works perfectly. And there is no need to worry because the systems are easily installed by just about anybody, and maintenance is minimal to enjoy years & years of  mist cooling. If you live in the Palm Beach County area, we can have one of our technicians do the installation for you & we offer monthly maintenance programs to keep your system running at it’s best. Do you have an idea but you’re just not sure if it’ll work?

 Visit our website at www.mistspecialties.com to see the wide variety of pumps, fans, nozzles & accessories available to make that perfect gift for the person that has everything!! Or give us a call toll free at 1.877.474.5570 or email us at info@mistspecialties.com.  



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