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Mist Cooling Goes “GREEN”

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The Cool-N-Save® Commercial AC pre-cooler is an amazing new system that has taken the known benefit of evaporative AC pre-cooling (more efficient cooling) and combined it with “state of the art” technology to create the first economical & effective AC Pre-Cooling system that DOES NOT SCALE or interfere with airflow.

It uses a low flow / high pressure mist that is activated only when the AC unit turns on. When the ultra-fine mist is released into the air, it evaporates almost instantly. This flash evaporation literally sucks heat out of the air, as the water absorbs the energy it needs to evaporate.

The result of this immediate evaporation is a drop in ambient temperature of as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit surrounding the condenser. This allows the coils to transfer heat much more effectively which in return lowers the amperage draw, output temperature, cycle time & head pressure, all adding up to a 30% or more reduction in energy use. Plus, because it allows the unit to run more efficiently it can greatly extend the life of the condenser too.

The Cool-N-Save® Commercial system consists of 3 main components:
Pump & Control System:
At the heart of our system is our patent pending switching system and proprietary “Smart Pump” that deliver the right amount of water and pressure to each condenser as needed. This keeps the water use down while maximizing the pre-cooling effect for each unit. The “Smart Pump” may be installed near the condensers or several 100 feet away with a lift capability of over 30 feet

Misting Arms & Nozzles:
Our exclusive misting arms are designed to easily attach to the outside of most AC units & may be adjusted for maximum effectiveness. Each nozzle is positioned & calibrated to produce the best mist pattern for optimal performance at the lowest flow possible.
Each system uses as little as 4.5 GPH (only while condenser is in use). In many cases this is less water then the water used to create the extra electricity wasted without the system

Water Treatment Filter:
To combat the possibility of scaling, our design team enlisted the help of some of the nation’s foremost experts in water treatment technology to develop a proprietary water treatment filter using a proven scale elimination additive. This bio-friendly additive polyacrylate) combines with the scale forming molecules of the calcium & other minerals in hard water and distorts their geometry, keeping them from attaching to one another thus preventing the formation of scale.

 Call Mist Specialties toll free at 1.877.474.5570 to set-up a consultation on how you can be more energy efficent and start saving money today!

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