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Take The Time To Design!

   When considering the purchase of a mist cooling system, it is important to make sure that “You Take the Time to Design”. By taking an extra day or two to understand what way is best to cool your outdoor area will be well worth the wait. To put it plainly, these systems are expensive, so you may as well get the most out of it.

  When designing you’ll want to consider these points as each is important to achieving the best results from your mist cooling system, which in turn will leave you far more satisfied than if you just “put it up” and hope for the best.

  1. Where do the prevailing winds come from? i.e. North, South, East or West. The prevailing winds will help to move the mist around the area being cooled thus making the system more effective. If there is a wall blocking the prevailing winds, you may want to think about adding a fan.
  2. Where are your water & electrical supply? The Mist Pumps obviously need water & electricity to operate. The pumps themselves do make noise, so you’ll want to locate the pump in an area where the noise will not be annoying.
  3. At what height will the Mist Nozzles/Fan(s) be mounted? This is important because the idea is to have the evaporated mist fall to cool the area. Remember, this works on the principals of Flash Evaporation, the mist evaporates turning water into a gas(water vapor). The gas is the cooled air. Also remember, heat rises, cold falls. The objective is to be cooled without getting wet. If you’re in a humid climate like in South Florida and your mounting height is 8′, you may want to consider spacing your nozzles at 3′ apart instead of the typical 2′ spacing. If your mounting height is 12′ then 2′ spacing will work just fine, the reason being that the mist has more opportunity to evaporate. 
  4. What is the cooled area mainly used for? If it is a cooking/dining area you will not want to be getting wet, but, if it is around a pool area a little bit of moisture probably won’t be an issue and a Mid-Pressure Pumpwould work just fine and also be more affordable. Another thing to think about if you’re cooling a cooking/dining area is flying bugs. A known benefit of mist is bugs don’t like it! They won’t fly through it because they’ll get their wings wet, which in turn disables them. A design element I like to use is to run 2 mist lines with shut-off valves. Run each line with the nozzles at 4′ spacing. Stagger the 2 lines so that you end up with nozzles at 2′ spacing. At the hottest part of the day you run all your nozzles, but, when the sun goes down, you shut-off 1 line leaving the other open. Now this won’t offer a lot of cooling, but, it will put enough mist in the area that it will keep most flying bugs away while your cooking, eating & entertaining which makes for a much more pleasent evening. You now have turned your Mising Cooling System into an Evening Bug System without using any chemicals!
  5. What is the typical Temperature & Humidity?  This is really a humidity question and goes to the desired spacing of the nozzles as discussed in the height question. The objective, just like in the height question, is to be cooled without getting wet. In high humidity areas like South Florida, a typical lay-out will run the nozzles at 3′ spacing as opposed to high heat, low humidity climates like Arizona where a typical lay-out is 2′ spacing. Remember that humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When introducing mist, obviously, you are putting water in the air. The surrounding air can only handle so much water thus resulting in a wet area.
  6. What Material Will the Mist be Attached To? Knowing what you’ll be mounting your Mist Cooling System to will give you the chance to buy whatever anchors or screws as well as drill bits, if needed, to install. Having the right materials as well as the right tools makes all the difference when it comes time to install. As the old saying goes, your only as good as your tools.

  When you “Take the Time To Design” you will be getting the most from your Mist Cooling System. To help aid you in your design, Mist Specialties has put together a Design Worksheet as well as a Lay-Out Grid which are both available on our website in the D-I-Y Section or in the Contractors Corner. As always, we offer Free Design and are available to answer any questions you may have. Call us Toll Free at 1.877.474.5570 & Stay Cool!!

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